National Army of Colombia

Captured second Farc 29th squad commander

In the last hours, troops from the Seventh Brigade Urban Special Forces No. 10, gave an important blow to the Farc 29 squad after the capture of Orlando Cardozo, alias 'Anuar' second leader of this terrorist structure.
The denominated operation 'Eclipse' took the troops to a sector of the Porfia neighborhood Villavicencio city (Meta) where the apprehension took place.
At the moment he has the capturing order Nº0542720 emanated from the Specialized Seventh Attorney’s Office from Pasto (Nariño) for the crimes of terrorism and rebellion.

According to the first versions alias 'Anuar', was in the city apparently reorganizing the militia’s networks that serve as support and execute violent actions as kidnappings, extortions and terrorists attacks.

The violent faction mainly acts in Nariño Department in municipalities and regions such as Tumaco, La Tola, Barbacoas, Ricaurte, Samaniego, Andes, La Florida and Providencia, among others.