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Captured nine presumed members of the Aguilas Negras

San José de Cúcuta. A new offensive against the Aguilas Negras criminal gang, was deployed by the Search Bloc in jurisdiction of the municipalities of Puerto Santander and Cúcuta, capturing nine presumed members of this illegal armed organization.
After more than six months of investigation advanced by members of this, inter-institutional bloc, it was possible to consolidate information of great relevance that made possible the capture of this bandits who would have as influence area the nearby areas to the road that leads from Cucuta city to Puerto Santander municipality and also the alternating roads that lead to Tibu municipality.

The information gathered, was enough for the Nation’s General Attorney’s Office to send the respective capturing orders for crimes such as terrorism financing and administration of resources related with terrorist activities, nine of them became effective during the operation carried out by the search bloc personnel in Puerto Santander municipality urban area, Aguas Claras, LA Floresta and Banco de Arena villages and Cucuta city.

According with the investigations it was settled down that these people would be those in charge of carrying out observation patrolling and surveillance in these areas, besides watching the drug’s production laboratories, main source of financing of this criminal gang. Likewise, apparently they also carried out extortions in these places to obtain economic resources that could allow them to finance their criminal activities.


Since its creation at the end of January 2007, the "Aguilas Negras Criminal Gang Search Bloc" conformed by personnel from the Thirtieth Brigade, the Norte de Santander Department Police Department, the Administrative Department of Security (DAS) and the Technical Body of Investigation (CTI), has captured ninety five bandits who made part of this gang, has killed in combat 17 bandits, destroyed 10 laboratories for the production of alkaloids and confiscated 174 kilos of narcotics, chemical precursors, weapons, ammunition and quartermaster material, amid other elements.